Monday, August 10, 2009

Every day, I watch the dawn
the resilient moon
the rising sun
as I welcome it
through my window
they glide past the shadow

Each day brings hopes, shine
wonder, I pray, they are mine
the gentle breeze
the songs of bird
the fading stars
across the trees.

The wonders of nature
are huge and countless
the vision is enlightening
the mere touch is a bless.

This poem was written by me on 9th aug 2009
at 5:40 am
having not slept the whole night
i was feeling more awake when this poem
struck my head.......
i said to myself..
good morning and sweet dreams...!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


In the middle of the night, I wake up,
dreams on my mind, love in the making.
Was it he kiss moisture on my lips..??
or maybe the goosebumps
from the caress of your fingers.
Hear the pounding of my heartbeat
love surrounding the night in heat.
Never fails, my dreams of you
to awaken by love, that's true.
i don't mind my nights awake
when its dreams of you that i make
Those dreams are made of
what lies inside
A swollen heart of love.
you are my joy, and that i pride
I can't think of a better reason why
you stole my heart, you caught my eye
and so as long as I have you
I have a dream come true.

Friday, August 7, 2009

If you were the sun,
and I were the moon
we'd be an eclipse
together as one.

Words can't explain
how i feel about you
so I'll just say-I love you
and hope,you love me too

You are my life, my blood
the only one for me.
Without you in my life
where would I be..??

When you are not around
it's never the same.
There's no love, no joy
just heart breaking pain.

So if we are close together
or far apart.
I'll never forget
how you touched my heart